Small Custom Pet Portrait Sketches

My small custom pet portrait sketches cater for those on a tighter budget or for people who simply want to commission a drawing for someone in a shorter timeframe. They are a great gift idea for pet lovers. 
These sketches are available in two sizes:

Small (£55.00)

(+ £5 extra for additional subject)


- 4.5" x 6.5"

- Comes with a textured off-white 8" 10" mount


Medium (£70.00)

(+ £5 extra for additional subject)


- 6" x 8"

- Comes with an 8" x 10" mount which is available in two colours; black or off-white.

Please note that a custom pet portrait sketch is a much quicker option than the normal portraits. Whilst I always strive to draw portraits that accurately represent the subject, because of the smaller size there will be less detail with this option. This also makes the sketch option suitable if the only photos you are able to obtain are low resolution.
Due to the smaller size of these portraits, sketches are limited to two animals per drawing. I can do larger sketches to incorporate more than two pets... please email me if you would like to know more about this.
Sketches will normally take around 1-2 weeks to complete but I do my work on a first come first served basis so lead time will depend on my current workload.
If you are working to a shorter timeframe or would like your recipient to be able to choose their own photo, why not buy one of our gift vouchers instead?
Sketches can be framed upon request... please enquire about this when ordering.
Mounted sketches are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery at a cost of £7.25. 
The ordering process is the same as with my normal portrait commissions so please refer to the Commissions page for details.
"You have surpassed yourself! I know it was a short time frame for you but I am really glad I asked you to do Oscar. Thank you so much- I know they will be absolutely delighted with him."